Technova Roadmap

Technova Roadmap is a program for anyone with entrepreneurial concern that would like to create a startup in the field of ICT. If they have an idea/project in a Pre-Seed phase where we provide them support during the birth of the project.


The program is carried out following the methodology The Lean Startup, which supports the process of creating a startup in steps of definition, development, consolidation and launch of a business project. It is based on validated learning, scientific experimentation and iteration launches to shorten product development cycles, measure progress and gain valuable feedback from customers. Thus it is possible to minimize risks and increase chances of success.

We’ll perform 6 sessions of training + group tutoring

Each session will be carried out every two weeks and will last 1h 30min:

  • 30 mins of analysis of the progress from the previous week
  • 30 mins of theoretical explanation
  • 30 mins of workshop to analyze each project and define its steps to take for the next session.

Once the program is completed, entrepreneurs get to have defined their business models and their validation in the market through the definition of a MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

The cost of the program is 100€ per team, but the following discounts are applied:

  • 75% discount for undergraduate students
  • 50% discount for Master students
  • 25% discount for alumni

If you are interested in participating you can contact us via e-mail:

We will contact you to understand your idea, explain you the program and define your next steps

Program goals:

Throughout the program the entrepreneur will get to validate the following concepts:

  • Definición del cliente, problema y solución
  • Validar proposición de valor
  • Construir y validar el modelo de negocio
  • Creación de MVP (Minimum Viable Product) y validación en el mercado
  • Entender las mecánicas de crecimiento y escalabilidad de una startup
  • Cooperación entre emprendedores
  • Definición de un roadmap de estrategia y de financiación
  • Análisis de la viabilidad del proyecto

Program — Sessions:

  1. Introduction to Lean: re-definir el problema, detectar el cliente y realización de encuestas con el método “The Mom Test”
  2. Brainstorming: realización del Empathy Map y Blue Print
  3. BMC: taller de Business Model Canvas para definir el modelo de negocio
  4. Prototype: uso de herramientas multiplataforma para realizar maquetas del producto y explicación métricas pirata.
  5. Finance: taller previsiones financieras de una startup e introducción a la inversión.
  6. Elevator Pitch: claves para realizar el pitch perfecto.