About our startups

Airplane Solutions provide clients a high added-value tool which would allow them to monitor, in real time, all information related to their fleet operating costs.

Company dedicated to high power LED lighting.

Create games with awareness to help grow emotional intelligence and conscious decisions.

Data and analysis of the water market, including forecasts, detailed reports, industry updates and analyst support

An Institution dedicated to training, consulting and entrepreneurship in the areas of R&D and innovation.
Integrate extensive therapeutic area experience with deep and broad experience of all aspects of clinical development strategy and operations to work with clients to ensure development plans and protocols are feasible.
Analyzes your business data and helps you to make your restaurant work as you would like.

Eixos.cat is an observatory of the economic activity of cities for the preparation of market studies and business location.

Kosten Factor is dedicated to analyzing and optimizing the expenses of your company with the aim of offering you an amazing saving in your usual bills in the sectors of: energy, gas, water, IT, cleaning, transport, security and insurance. The most important point is that they only charge the customer in case of achieving a demonstrable saving in their bills.

A company specialized in offering technological solutions for companies and public administrations. They offer advice on digital transformation, analysis and solutions in cybersecurity and digital marketing. For the security of the company and of the clients, internal efficiency and dealing with clients, the company has solutions.

Platform for professionals in the Events and Promotions sector that connects a community of "like" candidates with brands, through their mobile devices.

Human and Artificial Intelligence collaborating with the cloud. It provides software solutions to transform available data in continuous growth into useful knowledge to help in the decision-making processes.

Manufacturer of software for the creation of platforms and professional applications of Internet of Things (IoT).

Pioneering company in urban resilience.

It offers digital marketing strategies for companies and organizations in the publishing sector. They design marketing strategies with chatbots enriched with artificial intelligence to help other business communicate better with their audience.

SafeGear is one of the leading distributors of security and safety products in the nordic countries like Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland. They are focusing on safety and security products such as fire safety, retail security, personal security, safes, first aid equipment and defibrillators. These products are providing to private consumers as well as businesses, all with high quality and tested certifications.

Seed&Click is a company leader in Spain boosting the innovation, entrepreneurship and private investment ecosystem offering innovation consultancy, organizing international investment forums and training and developing and managing several business angel networks.

Talentier aims to establish a new paradigm in the hiring of personnel.

Align your People to Innovation with Enterprise Social Networks and setup your business for success.

Development and commercialization of applications for mobile devices and web, in addition it is dedicated to the activity CNAE of query of computer applications and supply of computer programs.

Development of a parking system for bicycles with fixings in three anchoring points and total protection of the bicycle against possible thefts.