Tech Demo Day 2018

TechDemoDayA new Edition of the  La Salle Technova Tech Demo Day is coming up next March 15th, 2018 where 50 of the best Technology based startups will have the chance to be known by the attendees and investors of this event.

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Startup selection process:

1. The startups must registrate on the link below as a “startup”. 2. Later, they will receive an email with the instructions and a form, which they must fill it out and send it to the same e-mail. 3. For those startups that have applied to the event, an internal committee will be held in La Salle Technova and the most innovative startups will be chosen. 4. The startups will receive an email saying whether or not they are chosen. 5. The selected startups will receive, in the same email, the instructions to finalize their registration at the event.

To participate as a businessman, startup, investor in the event register here:

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