International Startups Landing

We offer Technology Parks a program that will help its Startups to expand to Spanish market and integrate into entrepreneurial EcoSystem.

The program gives an opportunity to participate in the local Events, bringing together Startups and SMEs on the one side, and Investors and Companies on the other side.

The use of this program is to encourage Startups to develop and adapt to the needs of the local market, attract and acquire new customers within further expantion and growth.

Our aim is to help Startups and SMEs from all over the world to find their place on the Spanish Market with maximum navigation provided from our side.

The program Includes:

  • Event management
  • Connections with the Investors, Companies and local Startups
  • Networking
  • Knowledge of local culture, in order to facilitate adaptation process

If you are interested you can contact us at: or via phone +34932902473